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University a Rwanda

The Inter-African Institute in Insurance and Business Management (IFAGE), is a private institution based in Dakar, Senegal, known for pioneering insurance and actuarial training in francophone Africa. Since its foundation in 2008, IFAGE has been providing undergraduate and graduate degrees that meet international standards and ANAQ-Sup and CAMES credentials. Additionally, IFAGE is a full member of the Francophone University Agency (AUF).

The University of Rwanda is a leading public institution dedicated to higher education and research. It offers a wide range of programs designed to address the socio-economic needs of the country and the continent in general. The university has its head office in Kigali.

To advance this shared vision, a partnership has been formed to further develop the Actuarial Science program implemented by IFAGE since 2018, which has already seen two (2) successful graduating classes.

This academic cooperation will offer African students the opportunity to pursue a post-doctoral program in actuarial sciences at the University of Rwanda and prepare the students for the professional exams of the major actuarial associations such as SOA, IFOA and CAS.

The areas of cooperation between the two institutions are as follows:

  • Exchange Programs for lecturers and students
  • Post-doctoratal training programs
  • Mobilization and identification of experts in Actuarial Science and Data Science
  • Research related to data and its utilization

The partnership between the University of Rwanda and IFAGE was formalized by signing their cooperation agreement on Monday, May 6th, 2024, in Dakar, Senegal.

For more information about both institutions:

Partenariat entre IFAGE et l’Université du Rwanda pour renforcer l’éducation en sciences actuarielles en Afrique

Institut de Formation en Assurance et en Gestion des Entreprises (IFAGE) et l’Université du Rwanda ont signé un partenariat stratégique. Ce partenariat vise à améliorer l’éducation en sciences actuarielles à travers l’Afrique. En effet, IFAGE est une institution reconnue pour son leadership dans la formation en assurance et en actuariat en Afrique francophone depuis 2008.

L’Université du Rwanda, basée à Kigali, offre des programmes académiques variés pour répondre aux besoins socio-économiques du continent. Ainsi, cette collaboration permettra de renforcer le programme de sciences actuarielles de IFAGE, lancé en 2018. Par conséquent, les étudiants pourront se préparer aux examens professionnels des grandes associations actuarielles telles que la SOA, l’IFOA et la CAS.

Les principaux domaines de coopération incluent :

  • Échange de programmes pour les enseignants et les étudiants
  • Programmes de formation postdoctorale
  • Identification et mobilisation d’experts en actuariat et en sciences des données
  • Recherche liée aux données et à leur utilisation

Ce partenariat, officialisé le 6 mai 2024 à Dakar, marque une avancée significative pour l’éducation en actuariat en Afrique.

Pour plus d’informations sur les deux institutions :

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